Lease Flex

Long-term car rental with the possibility of purchase
The Hertz Flex program provides customers affordable long-term car rental with the possibility of purchasing vehicles on excellent terms at any time. The innovative Hertz Flex program allows you to choose a car from the Hertz fleet with unique benefits.

Lease duration
Flexible lease duration allows you to choose a time period between 2 and 3 years of lease. It is possible to buy a rented vehicle at any time during the rental.

Vehicle replacement
Replace the vehicle, free of charge, up to twice during the rental period with a similar vehicle model, depending on its availability.

Vehicle upgrade
With an additional 2% fee on the initial rental, start a new rental at any time with an upgrade of the Hertz fleet category

Redemption at any time
At any time during the rental, you can buy the vehicle you rented at a pre-agreed price, which decreases every month.

Rates include:

  • All vehicle services
  • Tire replacement
  • Replacement vehicle in case of failure
  • Hertz 24h roadside assistance
  • Fleet management
  • Registration costs



For more information call 011/2028200 or send an e-mail to ltr@hertz.hr

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